Parents of Option 2 Students:

Option 2 (Okeechobee Synch) was a temporary method of instruction for first semester.  This option will no longer be available on January 5, 2021. Option 2 parents must determine if they want their students to go to Option 1 (Face to Face) or to Option 3 (Okeechobee Virtual).  Please note that Option 2 students will automatically be enrolled in Option 1 (Face to Face) unless you register for Option 3 (Okeechobee Virtual). The enrollment window closes Friday, November 13th.

The link below will answer some of your questions about this transition. It contains links to register, request transportation, an informational video on Option 3 and our zone waiver policy. 

Directions for Option 2 students to register for 2nd semester 

Thank you,

Ken Kenworthy